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NASCAR Cup: Kyle Busch receives medical attention at Charlotte

Kyle Busch (photo courtesy of Getty Images for NASCAR)
Kyle Busch was treated by medical personnel at Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord, N.C., for heat stroke-like symptoms and elevated carbon monoxide inhalation Sunday

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Apple’s anti-tracking tool restricts Facebook’s ability to follow people around the web

If a person has not visited Facebook’s site within 24 hours, Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention disables Facebook’s Social Plugins, which it uses to track people’s browsing.

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Lady Gaga’s Aussie Shoe Designer Hacked These Heels for Your Day at the Races

As we all know, the races are just as much about the glitz and glam as they are about the horse racing, so naturally when The Australian Turf Club was looking to create a unique, interchangeable high heel to match this year’s race program, they turned to Lady Gaga‘s Aussie-born shoe designer, Kira Goodey.

The result of the collaboration is not just the ultimate set of heels to wear  to the races this summer, but a unique, bespoke pair of shoes that can be adapted to each race day, and they’re called ‘The Unpredictaheel’.

Not only can the heels be changed to match the theme of each race day, they’ve also been fitted with technology like ‘Race Alert’, which alerts you to race start times; and ‘Bet Guide’, to help the user know where to go to place a bet.

In addition, the shoes have a detachable ‘Track Side’ height boost feature, which allows better grip out on the grass, as well as ‘Kick&Pay’ and ‘VIP Pass’ features with a payment chip incorporated into the heel itself.

If that wasn’t enough, tapping the backs of the heels together Wizard Of Oz-style activates the ‘No Place Like Home’ feature, opening a driver service on your phone when the day is over. It’s a little OTT, but still pretty forward-thinking.

Racing legend Kate Waterhouse will be sporting the heels in Sydney this Saturday at the world’s richest turf race, The TAB Everest.

Watch a video wrap-up about ‘The Unpredictaheel’, above.

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