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96% Off: Get the Copywriting Mastery Bundle for Only $24

Copywriting is the art and science of writing content that is designed to get the reader to take action. Unlike news or editorial writing, copywriting is used to rouse people to action – whether it’s to subscribe, download a free ebook, inquire about a service or to buy something. Everyone is familiar with the work […]

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NASCAR Truck: Martins Motorsports shuts down

Martins Motorsports is shuttering its operations in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, team owner and driver Tommy Joe Martins has confirmed, according to a Frontstretch.com report from Dec. 30.
According to the

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Blaise Lucey; Martech Column; 01/04/2018 Personalization & Machine Learning i…

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10 Street Style Ways to Extend the Life of Your Party Pieces

With holiday party season behind us (and a few months until wedding season starts up again), there’s a whole segment of our wardrobes that sits all but idle in our closets, potentially for months. It hardly seems fair: the most fun and festive items only come out to play for a limited number of occasions. Shouldn’t the pieces that put us in the best moods — and make the most lasting impression — get more time in the spotlight? Of course they should. And now is as good a time as any.

Rather than wait for an invitation to bust out our reception-ready best, it’s high time to start letting our special faves see the light of day. So how exactly does one bring pieces like sequin frocks, embellished heels, metallic pants and sheer skirts into the regular rotation? First, study how the experts do it. While jet-setting to fashion shows and events may not be part of everyone’s usual itinerary, there is plenty of IRL outfit inspiration to be had from the street style set that includes getting more mileage out of party pieces. Hint: It’s all about layering.

Ready to get this year off to a celebratory start? Click through for 10 ways to wear those special occasion styles long after the party is over.

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