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Django Performance Optimization Tips

In this short article, we will try to depict the best methods for Django performance optimization. We will discuss the most common mistakes and ways to avoid them but, before we start, for those who are interested in more articles like this one or related to Django to Heroku migration, we can recommend this Django […]

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4 ways to get more out of Bing Ads

Sometimes Bing Ads is the forgotten stepchild of PPC. The reasons probably trace back to when Bing Ads was very hard to manage and provided very little opportunity for the effort invested, but times have changed. With now more market share and easier tools

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H&M Accused of Ripping off Australian Musician Harvey Sutherland in New Ad


Swedish fashion giant H&M has been accused of ripping off Australian musician Harvey Sutherland in a recent advertisement.

The Melbourne producer took to socials today to accuse the company of using his song ‘Bamboo’ in their new video for H&M Magazine’s feature on blue jeans, without his approval.

Sharing screenshots of his interaction with H&M’s Instagram account, Sutherland wrote, “Yo H&M maybe send me a message when you get a sec?”

The screenshots also show the official H&M Instagram account commenting that the song used in the clip was “specifically produced for us to use in this add [sic]”. Sutherland can be seen telling H&M to message him so they can “make a deal”.

You can watch the blue jeans ad above (you’ll have to swipe over to the second panel), and then compare it to Harvey Sutherland’s ‘Bamboo’ down below. TheFashionSpot has contacted H&M for comment.

This isn’t the first time H&M has caused controversy with a musician this year. Back in January, Canadian singer The Weeknd parted ways with the company over a “deeply offensive” advertisement featuring a black child model.

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