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7 Travel Beauty Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Aside from the warm temps and long days, one of the best things about the summer season is traveling. The possibilities are endless when it comes to summer travel and if you are someone who likes to indulge their wanderlust, then you could end up anywhere in the world having the time of your life. But there is one pesky aspect of traveling that can send every beauty-obsessed makeup junkie into a downward spiral: trying to find a way to pack your essentials and save suitcase space at the same time. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of a few travel beauty hacks that will have you looking flawless and selfie-ready. Check out these tips and get packing!

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There Are More Ways to Wear a Bandana Than Ever Before

Bandana sighting at the Christian Dior Cruise 2018 runway show; Image: Rich Fury/Getty Images

Bandana sighting at the Christian Dior Cruise 2018 runway show; Image: Rich Fury/Getty Images

If the first rule of fashion is that all trends are cyclical, the second is that no classic is too classic to be turned on its ear now and again — assigned to a different body part, given new meaning, deconstructed, embellished with all kinds of whatsits. The humble cotton kerchief is the latest Americana artifact to undergo such a renaissance. As you may have noticed, the rules of how to wear a bandana are [John Wayne voice] changin’.

Ranchers, festivalgoers and protestors value bandanas’ debris-shielding abilities, fashion kids their ability to, as Vogue writer Kristin Anderson puts it, “add chutzpah to the otherwise quotidian.” Plus, the historically paisley-patterned scarves tap into the fashion set’s current affinity for Westernwear and — for better or worseall things protest-inspired.

Bandanas on the Spring 2017 runways.

Coach 1941 Spring 2017, Baja East Spring 2017, Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2017; Images: Imaxtree

On a related note, bandanas turned up on many a Fall 2017 runway — and not by coincidence. On the eve of fashion month, The Business of Fashion invited members of “the global fashion community” to wear a white bandana around their wrists, necks, heads or handbags “as a sign to the world that you believe in the common bonds of humankind — regardless of race, sexuality, gender or religion.” Models at Tommy Hilfiger, Prabal Gurung, Diane von Furstenberg and more bandana-ed up in solidarity.

Of course, Tommy & Co. weren’t the first to use bandanas to liven up their looks. Stuart Vevers is a longtime kerchief fan. For Spring 2017, nearly every Coach 1941 look came paired with a bandana, usually in the form of a cloth bracelet. Baja East’s models wore theirs folded, flattened and tied around their crowns, hippie-style.

Bandanas are great for any and all weather, but we appreciate them most under extreme meteorological conditions. In the winter, when all you want to wear is a sweater and jeans, bandanas add a touch of interest to your swaddle. In the summer, when metals irritate and outerwear is a no-go, that extra swatch of material adds dimension to a simple one- or two-piece look (as Gigi Hadid demonstrates above).

Fear of God Fall 2017; Image: Fear of God

Fear of God Fall 2017; Image: Courtesy of Fear of God

Best of all, the styling possibilities are endless. For summer, take a page out of Maria Grazia Chiuri’s stylebook and wrap a bandana around your head to avoid straw-hat hair. Or make like Los Angeles-based streetwear label Fear of God and wear one (or two) as an anklet. While this trick doesn’t serve any real “purpose,” it will draw attention to your fresh summer footwear. (In fashion, aesthetics always trump utility.)

Click through the gallery below for even more tips on how to wear a bandana (hey, we did say the possibilities were endless) plus shop 20 of the chicest bandanas the internet has to offer.

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Topshop Accused of Ripping off One of Bella Hadid’s Favorite Indie Labels

Another day, another big-name fashion brand accused of ripping off one of its indie peers. This time around, the alleged wrongdoer is Topshop. The victim? Wesley Berryman, a favorite of Lady Gaga, FKA Twigs, Bella Hadid and stylist Farren Fucci. Though Berryman’s eponymous label only recently made its New York Fashion Week debut, the indie designer has already attracted a devout following thanks to his streetwise, goth-tinged, unisex designs. You’ll likely recognize his statement-making lace-up pieces from Hadid’s Internet-breaking Paper editorial.

It was these punky pieces that really put Berryman on the mainstream map and, ostensibly, attracted Topshop’s attention. On Wednesday, Israeli influencer Liron Eini took to Twitter to call out the British mega-retailer for mimicking said designs.

As Eini noted, a lace-up jacket featured in a recent Topshop ‘gram bears a striking resemblance to Berryman’s signature topper. Both feature white contrast stitching and chunky white lace detailing above the breast pockets and along the arms.

Additionally, a pair of lace-up wide leg jeans now available on Topshop’s website looks to be a knockoff of Berryman’s lace-up trousers. That said, there are several differences between Topshop’s version and Berryman’s original design. Topshop’s features a raw hem and wide, straight leg; Berryman’s features a raw waistline, subtly flared silhouette, hardware accents and a lace-up fly. (Not to mention the Topshop version is only about a third of the price of the original design.)

Topshop Moto Lace Up Cropped Wide Leg Jeans, $100 at Topshop; Image: Courtesy

Topshop Moto Lace Up Cropped Wide Leg Jeans, $100 at Topshop; Image: Courtesy

In an exclusive statement, Berryman told Fashionista that he is “devastated” to see his work co-opted by the high street chain.

“As an independent artist, I am absolutely devastated seeing such a huge retail chain profiting off of my ingenuity and creativity. As a member of the LGBTQ community, I am not surprised that this has happened because we live in a world where so many corporate establishments steal from minority communities to make a profit. Topshop is disgusting for participating in the fast-fashion meat machine, perpetuating the theft of independent designers, grinding up on our ideas, and spitting them out into their stores. This industry is notoriously rampant with retailers and even high-end fashion houses who blatantly steal from new designers. This is partly the reason why I choose to operate my brand on the outside…focusing on injecting the industry with my art but never bending to their archaic rituals.”

The designer’s words ring all too true, especially in a month that has seen Gucci essentially admit to copying the work of not one, not two, but three independent artists for its kitschy-cool Resort 2018 collection.

Topshop declined to comment on the accusations.

[ via Fashionista ]

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Irina Shayk Is the Perfect Fit for Blumarine’s Fall 2017 Campaign

With campaigns for Alberta Ferretti, Bally, Replay, Missoni and Givenchy, Irina Shayk had quite the season for Spring 2017. Now off to a promising start for Fall 2017, Irina replaces Sara Sampaio as the face of Blumarine. Once again shot by photographic duo Luigi & Iango, the Italian fashion house ditches the plain studio backdrop in favor of the decadent surroundings of a 20th-century villa for the series of ultra-feminine and sophisticated campaign images.

Blumarine F/W 2017.18 : Irina Shayk by Luigi & Iango


Our forum members were impressed. “Finally, a gorgeous Blumarine campaign, it’s been years! Great photography and a great model for Blumarine,” applauded DutchHomme .

“Oh wow, perhaps the most polished Blumarine campaign I’ve seen in ages! Irina looks stunning, and the clothes look great. Good job, Luigi & Iango!” echoed Benn98.

“Forgot this brand even exists. Irina looks great!” praised a pleasantly surprised RedSmokeRise.

Also quick to show the images some love was apple. “This is stunning. Luigi & Iango bring out the best of Irina and what a gorgeous woman she is. That’s the thing I prefer about her. She is a woman and wears clothes, not a teenage who plays dress up. Love this campaign,” he applauded.

“Thank god they decided to stop ripping off Gucci. The last season’s ads were horrible. I love these,” confessed Scotty.

Narcyza shared the same sentiments. “It’s nice. Irina really fits to this brand,” she complimented.

“Love it, Irina always works well with Luigi and Iango,” 333101 stated.

Forum member pearlsandtwirls described the campaign as “stunning” and we simply couldn’t agree more.

Blumarine F/W 2017.18 : Irina Shayk by Luigi & Iango


Check out the full campaign and share your very own opinion with us here.

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The 11 Most Comfortable Heel Brands on the Planet

Just when you thought it was the end of your shoe collection as you know it, here’s some news that will make you feel fine: Comfortable shoes aren’t a myth. They actually exist! You do not, in fact, have to trick your nerve endings into submission with the help of sprays. So, throw off your heel-burners and toss your toe-pinchers, here are the top 11 brands that make the most comfortable heels, according to customer reviews.

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Before You Buy: We Rank the Best (and Worst!) Dry Shampoos

Whether you’re in the thick of the summer season or gearing up for the chilly temps of fall and winter, you always need to take supreme care of your hair. There are so many products on the market that promise to give you supermodel-worthy locks with little effort, but perhaps the most popular of these low-maintenance products is the oh-so-handy invention known as dry shampoo. Designed to soak up the excess oil and dirt in your hair by cleansing and deodorizing without water, dry shampoo gets you more mileage from a blowout, breathes new life into a third-day style and is perfect for days when you just don’t feel like washing your hair (there, we said it!). From drugstore buys to non-aerosol versions, we’ve tried a whole slew of product to bring you the absolute best dry shampoos — and the worst.

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How to Wear a Bralette the Fashion Girl Way (Plus, Our Favorite Bralettes for Every Size)

Too hot for a shirt so I put on a jacket

A post shared by Reese Blutstein (@double3xposure) on Jun 16, 2017 at 2:59pm PDT

Gone are the days when a peekaboo bra strap was considered a wardrobe malfunction. Truth is, artists and icons have been chipping away at the stigma for quite some time. The visible underwear trend dates as far back as the late 70s and early 80s when icons like Debbie Harry, Madonna, Annie Lennox and Donna Summer took the stage in lacy lingerie. In 1992, Gianni Versace debuted his Miss S&M collection and essentially cosigned the bared bra trend. Over the past 20-odd years, hordes more designers have hopped on board, offering new, chic takes on shirtlessness. In our post post-modern feminist world, however, bralettes — bras’ cozier cousins — have overtaken our hearts, chests and underwear drawers. Now, the question on everyone’s minds is not “how to wear a bra in public?” but how to wear a bralette.

Kendall Jenner has offered her two cents. Oftentimes she’ll take a page out of 90s icon Cher Horowitz’s book and rock a strappy black bustier over a plain white tee. Speaking of the 90s, old-school Gwen Stefani fans may go for a black bralette/sheer black turtleneck combo. In 2017, however, the most daring fashion gals rock their bralettes solo, preferably with a coordinating high-waist pant or skirt. (See: Paris Jackson’s first-ever Vogue Australia cover, which hit the interweb today.)

3 Spring 2017 runway looks showing how to wear a bralette

Alberta Ferretti Spring 2017, Fendi Spring 2017, Yeezy Season 4; Images: Imaxtree

For the most titillating bralette styling inspo, look no further than the Spring 2017 runways. Designers from Alberta Ferretti to Kanye West made delicate, simple brassieres the focal point of outfits that needn’t be relegated to the Coachella Valley. Ferretti proposed layering a lacy bralette underneath a tailored (but off-kilter) blouse, tucking said blouse into a teal chiffon miniskirt and cinching the look with multiple cowboy belts. Another Ferretti model wore the same bralette as a stand-alone top, her lingerie complemented by a floral print purple kimono and tailored black shorts. Bella Hadid walked the Italian designer’s runway in a sheer, drapey peasant blouse cinched at the waist and paired with wide-leg black trousers. The same silky bralette peered out from beneath her boho topper.

How to wear a bralette worn by Bella Hadid on the Alberta Ferretti Runway

Bella Hadid on the Alberta Ferretti Spring 2017 Runway; Image: Imaxtree

West, meanwhile, favored a sporty, tonal look (natch). West’s beige, demi-cut ribbed bralette came layered over a tan, sleeveless mock neck worn with a matching, equally form-hugging midi. Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi’s styling stood somewhere in the middle. One Fendi gal strutted the runway in sporty maroon sock booties, front-pleat mint trousers that gathered at her ankles and a utilitarian khaki jacket with naught but a silky bralette underneath. The result was curiously chic.

Alexander Wang Spring 2017, Christian Dior Spring 2017, Altuzarra Spring 2017 runway looks showing how to wear a bralette

Alexander Wang Spring 2017, Christian Dior Spring 2017, Altuzarra Spring 2017; Images: Imaxtree

Alexander Wang paired a striking purple and yellow bra with a fuzzy white robe, plaid Bermuda shorts and a whistle, as if a lifeguard had gone to the beach on a lark and forgotten her swimsuit, but remembered her favorite wind instrument. (Wang also showed lingerie coordinates and more wearable bralettes-cum-crop-tops worn with tailored shorts.) Maria Grazia Chiuri teamed sporty, logoed underwear with sheer chiffon dresses (a look quickly picked up by the Instagirl set). Joseph Altuzarra suggested capping off your (fruit-embellished) suit with a boudoir-ready topper.

3 street style looks showing how to wear a bralette

Images: Christian Vierig/Getty Images, Kirstin Sinclair/Getty Images, Timur Emek/Getty Images

And in case you’re still struggling with how to wear a bralette IRL, here’s how the street style set did it. One model-off-duty strategically ripped her rock ‘n’ roll band tee to reveal her delicate underpinnings. She paired the outsize top with skinny jeans, motorcycle boots and an equally voluminous bomber jacket, which she perched on her shoulder because fashun. Another street style queen wore a simple black bralette with a burnt orange blazer and hunter green wide-leg pants. Her plain black pumps scream professionalism; her bright red pout echoes her bra’s defiant, feministy vibe. Another fashion gal gave her intimates the X-ray treatment via an embroidered tulle top, which she paired with a leather skirt and strappy heels. Her overall vibe? Shockingly chic.

In general, for a more modest, everyday look, choose a bralette in a bold color and let it peek out from beneath your top — or the blazer of your power suit. Otherwise, layer a bralette over a formfitting tee or button-down. This way, you add dimension to your look without exposing your cleavage or midriff.

Ready to follow in Madge’s footsteps? Click through the gallery below to shop 22 classy bralettes that positively demand attention. (And because we *get it*, we’ve broken the options down by bust size.)

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Hijab-Wearing Model Halima Aden Just Landed Her First American Vogue Feature

Halima Aden in Dries Van Noten; Image: Anton Corbjin for Vogue

Halima Aden in Dries Van Noten; Image: Anton Corbjin for Vogue

Halima Aden — former Miss Minnesota, Carine Roitfeld favorite and IMG’s first (and, for the moment, only) hijabi model —  just landed her first American Vogue feature. The Vogue Arabia and CR Fashion Book cover star appears in the glossy’s July 2017 issue. Photographed by Anton Corbjin, styled by Phyllis Posnick and beautified by makeup artist Siddhartha Simone, the nineteen-year-old perfect skin-haver stuns in a velvety chocolate brown maxi dress and furry magenta jacket, both by Dries Van Noten. An outsize cobalt and purple chain-link choker — which we must have — circles her neck.

Vogue credits Halima with “redefining the idea of modest style on the runway.” In the article, the Somali-American model asserts that the industry will never sway her values. In her hometown of St. Cloud, Minnesota — which boasts a large, tight-knit Somali community — Halima has been, on at least one occasion, approached by elder Somali women who cautioned that “the longer you spend in that industry, first they’ll want you to wear pants, then tighter and more revealing clothes, and before you know it, no more hijab!’” Her response? “I want girls like that to be able to flip through a magazine and see someone who looks like them,” Halima told Vogue. “So why would I take my hijab off?”

Hijab-Wearing Model Halima Aden Continues Her Fashion Month Domination ]

It’s great to see Halima getting more of the mainstream recognition she deserves. While the Muslim model was a logical fit for Vogue Arabia, it’s important for girls in the Western world — and especially Trump’s America — to see confident, unconventional beauties like Halima in the pages of major fashion mags. (In case you’re wondering, the former refugee had this to say of President Trump: “You can say, I don’t agree with all that he says. But you have to be respectful.” Such grace.)

Head over to Vogue to read the full interview. It’s beyond fascinating. Halima’s stories of her early childhood in Kenya, her struggles in middle school and her hopes for the future will leave you high on admiration and inspiration.

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Hailey Baldwin Shows Her Star Power on UK ELLE’s July Cover

Hailey Baldwin made the cover of American ELLE back in May and recently topped Maxim‘s Hot 100 list last month (scoring the title’s June/July 2017 cover in the process). Now, she crosses the pond and adds a cover appearance for British ELLE to her solid portfolio of work. Photographed by Gilles Bensimon, the American beauty dons a leather Coach jacket, styled by Anne-Marie Curtis.

UK Elle July 2017 : Hailey Baldwin by Gilles Bensimon


Forum member Benn98 commented moments after the cover was revealed earlier today. “Wow, she’s really rising up! The cover looks fine for ELLE, and I think she looks beautiful here. The rich colors are more suited to autumn though. Also, not overfond of the styling, which looks more like her candid style than anything else,” he noted.

“Surprisingly, I really like this! It’s a great cover for ELLE. The styling isn’t very appropriate though,” echoed forum member apple.

Badgalcrush felt the same, saying, “It’s a July cover, so why no swimsuit or summery styling? But this would be a perfect October cover! It works, but Hailey’s facial expression is not good at all. Another model with all that combination would have been really good.”

“I like everything here, think it’s a great cover for British ELLE  and finally a cover (and cover subject) which feels fresh and relevant to what’s happening in 2017! Kudos to Gilles Bensimon and the rest of the team for photographing Hailey beautifully. She looks fantastic and I love the beret. A thumbs up from me!” vogue28 approved.

UK Elle July 2017 : Hailey Baldwin by Gilles Bensimon


Await more from Hailey’s ELLE cover story and add your own two cents here.

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Factory Workers Making Ivanka Trump’s Line Reveal Unethical Working Conditions

Ivanka Trump; Image: NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images

Ivanka Trump, paid family leave champion; Image: NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images

Scrutiny of Ivanka Trump’s clothing label has — understandably — intensified ever since her father took office. The House Judiciary Committee reviews prospective deals and helps ensure that the First Daughter’s company doesn’t use her political influence to benefit her private interests. Meanwhile, the Fair Labor Association and news outlets have been taking a hard look at the factory conditions where Trump’s clothing line is manufactured. Spoiler alert: They’re totally unacceptable.

In April, the Washington Post reported that an inspection of a China-based factory used by G-III (the apparel group responsible for making and distributing the Ivanka Trump line) found 24 labor violations. Now, The Guardian reports that an Indonesia-based garment factory that produces Trump’s line is also guilty of abusing its workers.

The British news publication interviewed over a dozen employees at the PT Buma Apparel Industry factory in Subang, West Java, which supplies several fashion labels, among them Ivanka Trump. The workers told of verbal abuse, low wages, unpaid overtime and impossibly high production targets.

Laborers reported being called “animals,” “morons” and “monkeys” by their managers. Most of the workers make the legal minimum wage, which equates to about $173 a month. Still, this amount is below minimum wage in most parts of Indonesia — and in China, laborers can make up to 40 percent more.

To top it off, the company sets extremely high production targets (58 to 92 garments per period, even though, realistically speaking, workers can make around 27 to 40 garments in the time allotted). Managers then force workers to stay late to meet production demands — and don’t compensate them for their time. “The management is getting smarter: they tap out our ID cards at 4pm so you can’t prove anything,” revealed one interviewee.

Of the factories’ 2,759 employees, around three-quarters are women. Only around 200 of the workers belong to a union and receive benefits. Many of the laborers are contract workers. Thus, they’re dismissed without severance after their contract expires. Before religious holidays like Ramadan, the powers that be opt to fire workers rather than give them paid time off. They’re rehired after the holiday season passes. Mothers can’t afford to live with the children. It’s beyond unethical.

It’s worth noting that, as of January, Ivanka Trump no longer oversees the day-to-day management of her brand. However, she still receives payouts from its profits, and it’s still her name on the label, so she could, theoretically, check G-III’s practices. Ivanka Trump’s PR team declined to comment on The Guardian article. (In the past, the paid family leave advocate has called G-III “a trusted partner for some of the world’s finest and most visible brands.”)

“Ivanka Trump claims to be the ultimate destination for Women Who Work, but this clearly doesn’t extend to the women who work for her in factories around the world,” Carry Somers, founder of laborer advocacy nonprofit Fashion Revolution, told The Guardian.

Of course, Ivanka Trump isn’t the first big-name brand to get called out for problematic (to put it lightly) production practices. Nor will it be the last. (Case in point: Just today, Dazed pointed the finger at Zara, H&M and Marks & Spencer, all of which “were buying viscose from factories with questionable working practices in Indonesia, China and India.”) However, given that Trump is a self-professed ally of working mothers, her failure to address these allegations seems especially hypocritical.

[ via The Guardian ]

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