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We Tracked Down the Best Face Washes for Every Single Skin Concern

Good skin care starts with a good cleanser, and the best face washes don’t just clean skin and remove makeup, they also address any skin care concerns you might have. Whether you’re dealing with breakouts, oily skin or a dry, dull complexion, there’s a face wash designed to help.

The first step in finding the best face wash for you is to identify your skin type and any skin conditions you might have. According to Erin Larson, esthetician and director of brand management and education at HydroPeptide, skin types are genetic and are usually classified as dry, oily, combination and/or sensitive. Skin conditions — such as acne, aging skin and redness — can change depending on lifestyle and environmental factors.

When it comes to determining skin type, Dr. Eva Simmons-O’Brien, FAAD, suggests thinking about what your face feels like throughout the day. After cleansing, does your it feel tight? Or does it become greasy soon after washing? The latter points toward oily skin. At noon, is your face looking shiny or matte? Shiny skin likely indicates combination skin. If skin remains relatively matte throughout the day, you probably have dry skin.

To identify skin care conditions, examine your face in the mirror. Fine lines and wrinkles indicate mature skin. Blackheads, whiteheads and/or cystic acne reveal acnegenic skin. Broken capillaries or general flushing are attributed to redness — or couperose — says Larson.

While the majority of good facial cleansers will indicate which skin care concerns they address, it’s helpful to know what to look for in a formula. Elizabeth Jones, advanced instructor for Dermalogica and the International Dermal Institute, says that those with dry skin should look for milky or creamy cleansers formulated with oils that nourish skin. Those with oily or acne-prone skin should try gel-based cleansers. (Cleansers with active ingredients like salicylic acid are especially good for breakouts.) Those with sensitive skin benefit from products with calming formulas that don’t have any fragrances or dyes. Finally, those with aging skin should try milky cleansers with brightening and exfoliating ingredients that target pigmentation.

Now that you’ve identified your skin type and concerns, find the best face wash for you in the slideshow above.

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Adriana Lima and Irina Shayk Join The Weeknd on Harper’s Bazaar’s ‘Uneventful’ September Cover (Forum Buzz)

All the major fashion glossies are currently unveiling their extra-weighty, much-hyped September offerings. You know what that means: the unspoken competition for September cover of the year is well underway. Once again, Harper’s Bazaar US asked the venerable Carine Roitfeld to style its annual ‘Bazaar Icons‘ cover shoot. This time around, the man of the hour is not Kanye West, but fellow musical artist The Weeknd (née Abel Makkonen Tesfaye). The Brigitte Lacombe-lensed cover also stars top models Adriana Lima and Irina Shayk. The black-lipped, green-eyed beauties flank Tesfaye on either side.

US Harper's Bazaar September 2017 : The Weeknd, Adriana & Irina by Brigitte Lacombe


Our forum members have mixed feelings about Bazaar‘s latest. “What a random cover trio! But at least it’s something different for them. He looks the best though,” observed Miss Dalloway.

“It’s sad when the non-model looks the best,” echoed a disappointed wendylorene.

“Trainwreck!! Oh my God, this is so uneventful. None of the girls look like themselves on the cover, and they can drape as many bombshells on The Weeknd, he’s never be appealing. I’m all for something new, but with this guy they’ve scraped the bottom of the barrel,” complained an unimpressed Benn98.

Also not feeling it was MON, who pointed out: “Vogue had Zayn with Gigi. Bazaar has The Weeknd with models. Stop using women for props. If you want a man for the cover, do it!”

Mepps couldn’t agree more. “The Weeknd? I don’t dislike him, but this cover is so reductive. Why is the man being flanked by two women, as if he’s the center of attention? It just doesn’t look like an image shot by Brigitte Lacombe. Both Adriana and Irina look like goth witches,” he heckled.

“I just genuinely don’t like seeing men on a September issue unless the focus is more towards the women on the cover which isn’t the case here. Couldn’t they have saved the music issue for another month?” asked GERGIN.

“Interesting trio indeed, but what an awkward setting. The crop is awkward, the posing is awkward and the models don’t even look like themselves. Unfortunate,” added ax80.

US Harper's Bazaar September 2017 : The Weeknd, Adriana & Irina by Brigitte Lacombe


See more from Carine Roitfeld’s annual ‘Bazaar Icons’ portfolio and join the conversation here.

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Tickets to Vogue’s 125th Anniversary Celebration Will Cost $3,000

Anna Wintour announces Vogue's first-ever fashion conference.

“Forces of Fashion”/Vogue mastermind Anna Wintour; Image: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Marc Jacobs

On Thursday, October 12 — nine days after the Spring 2018 shows come to a close — New York City’s Milk Studios will host Vogue’s 125th birthday party of sorts. To commemorate a century and a quarter in the biz, Vogue is planning its first-ever conference, complete with celebrity speakers, breakfast, lunch and cocktails. And for a mere $3,000, you can (maybe) attend.

During the 11-hour event, high-profile designers will sit down with big-name Vogue editors to discuss issues today’s fashion professionals face. Dries Van Noten and editor-at-large Hamish Bowles will speak of “the power of independence.” Marc Jacobs, Instagram founder Kevin Systrom and digital creative director Sally Singer will talk “fashion in the age of Instagram.” Virgil Abloh, Heron Preston and fashion news director Chioma Nnadi will provide insight “on keeping cool.” John Galliano and contributing editor Andre Leon Talley will reflect on “success the second time around.” The list of A-list speakers goes on: Demna Gvasalia, Erdem Moralioglu, Francesco Risso, Michael Kors, Joseph Altuzarra, Stella McCartney, Natacha Ramsay-Levi, Victoria Beckham. Somehow, all that fashion wisdom will be packed into 10 30- to 45-minute panels.

“Forces of Fashion [as the conference is called] will bring together some of our favorite names, and allow them the opportunity to speak in a way they’ve never done before; live and direct with Vogue’s editors on a day that we believe will be as informative as it is intimate,” said editor-in-chief Anna Wintour in a statement.

It’s unclear how many tickets will be made available to the public, though Wintour’s use of the word “intimate” implies “not many.” The publication will also release a limited number of discounted student tickets. At the moment, we’re just hoping for a livestream.

[ via Business of Fashion ]


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The 9 Best French Beauty Products That Ship to the US

It takes a lot of effort to look so effortless. That’s right, even for French women. For years, we’ve been hunting for the beauty “secrets” of French women who undoubtedly possess a certain je ne sais quoi with their tousled locks and natural beauty — with skin so perfect it doesn’t even require foundation. It’s as if they…just woke up like this.

Except, they didn’t.

Although French women aren’t known to contour and strobe like an Instagram model or a Kardashian (sorry for dropping the k-word), there’s plenty of effort that goes into their elegant, subdued beauty. And it all starts with the French beauty products they use when it comes to skin care, color and even hair. The good news: All of these are available in the U.S., too. So yes, you too can look like a French girl. Here are nine products to get you started.

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Feed Your Skin With Beauty Products Made With Real Fruits and Vegetables

One of the most important lessons we learned from our parents was to always eat our fruits and veggies. While they may have nagged us to finish those last few string beans, there’s no doubt they had the right idea about the importance of plant-based food options. Healthy skin starts from the inside out, so consuming the requisite five-a-day is key for a glowing complexion. Additionally, “feeding” our skin with beauty products that are rich in fruits and vegetables enhances the benefits of a healthy, balanced diet.

Not only are fruits and veggies packed with good-for-skin vitamins and minerals, but they’re rich in antioxidants that help fight the signs of aging by protecting against environmental damage. Fruits also contain enzymes that help exfoliate dead skin cells to brighten complexions. One of the other huge benefits of skin care products with ingredients found in the produce aisle is that the formulas are often natural and organic. That means no harsh chemicals that can cause skin reactions or irritation.

Ready to increase your daily skin care serving of fruits and veggies? Take a look at these products that are sure to leave your skin glowing.

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Watch: Cara Delevingne and Pharrell’s New Single ‘I Feel Everything’ Will Actually Make You Feel Everything

Update: Today, the official music video for Cara Delevingne and Pharrell’s track “I Feel Everything” hit the interwebs. The video cuts between scenes from the film and shots of suit- and wig-clad Caras singing and staring fixedly at the camera. Like reaction to the movie Valerian itself, reviews are mixed. “No runway-ready couture to be found here; instead the wardrobe for the video consists of three bad wigs, one black suit, and a onesie made out of hundreds of moving butterflies,” observes the Cut‘s Anna Silman. Vogue, meanwhile, cites it as proof “that there is literally no color or style fashion’s favorite wild child can’t pull off.” We’re inclined to agree with the former. Watch the full clip below, decide for yourself.

July 21, 2017 – Cara Delevingne is a woman of many talents. She’s an accomplished model, a budding actress and quite a lovely singer. On Thursday night, the Brit took to Instagram to share her latest musical endeavor, a Pharrell-produced track titled “I Feel Everything.” The song appears on the soundtrack for Cara’s new sci-fi film, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, which hits theaters today.

Cara Delevingne: actress, songstress, fashion icon.

Cara Delevingne: actress, songstress, fashion icon; Image: Gotham/GC Images

The jazzy track, which E! predicts will play as the film credits roll, explores a very popular theme in music — love. In writing the song, Cara wanted to channel the feeling of “when you fall in love, everything is raw and you feel everything for the first time,” she told USA Today.

This is Cara and Pharrell’s second musical collab, the first being a Chanel-sponsored track titled “CC the World,” which the duo performed in a short film released in advance of the French fashion house’s 2014 Métiers d’art show. That same year, we got to watch Cara, Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift serenade a U.S. ambassador via an instantly iconic Instagram. Before that, the 24-year-old showed off her pipes in a duet with her musician friend Will Heard. And then there was that time she sang “I Want Candy” for Love magazine.

Everyone Looked Gorgeous at Last Night’s ‘Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets’ Premiere ]

Give it a listen in the video below.

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Woah: Marc Jacobs Might Be Leaving Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs at his Fall 2016 show.

Marc Jacobs at his Fall 2016 show; Image: Imaxtree

All is not well chez Marc Jacobs. The LVMH-owned label is in the midst of a massive business overhaul. “Today, analysts estimate that the restructuring of the business could mean that it is currently worth half of what it was worth at its peak,” reports Business of Fashion. Like similarly troubled American fashion house J.Crew, the company may lose its creative force in the turnaround process.

According to BoF, “several sources close to the brand — including current and former employees — are saying that Jacobs may step back from his day-to-day design role or leave the business entirely.” It seems Jacobs was unhappy with the methods of former CEO Sebastian Suhl, who was brought on board in 2014 to help resuscitate the brand as he once did Givenchy.

Sources say that, for the past two years, Jacobs’ attendance has been all over the place — some weeks he is in the office every day, others he’s M.I.A. Some attribute this pattern to Jacobs’ creative process; others say it’s “more than that.” It is said that Suhl attempted to hire a creative leader under Jacobs who would take on some of the designer’s responsibilities and make his absences less productivity-paralyzing. This did not come to pass. (Draw your own conclusions.)

In May 2017, with business still flailing, Suhl exited Marc Jacobs and LVMH as a whole. Eric Marechalle, famous for weaning Kenzo off its dependence on fragrance sales and turning it into “a viable advanced contemporary label” led by Humberto Leon and Carol Lim’s creative vision, is the company’s new CEO. Sources say Jacobs is “encouraged” by Marechalle’s arrival and is already “actively building things back up” and working hard on the Spring 2018 collection.

Still, the future of the company remains unclear. During an April 2017 earnings call, LVHM CEO Jean-Jacques Guiony seemed optimistic: “The company, in my view, is making a big improvement in its product,” he said. “In the meantime, we have to reduce the cost base. There is no plan B. There is no plan C. It will take the time it takes to fix this business, which we think is a very promising business [that] has proven quite complicated to develop, but we are great believers of the future of Marc Jacobs.”

Needless to say, it’s close to impossible to imagine Marc Jacobs, NYFW closer, disappearing from the fashion landscape. It’s equally (if not more) difficult to picture the man himself — progenitor of high-fashion grunge, champion of runway diversity and major company shareholder — leaving behind his namesake brand.

[ via Business of Fashion ]

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The Best Lip Plumpers for Fuller Lips — Without Injections

Pause that “how to make lips look fuller” tutorial because the best way to enhance your pout doesn’t come from overlining and lip contouring, it comes from lip plumpers. These glosses, balms and lipsticks are designed to pump up lips while hydrating and improving the texture. Best of all, they work almost as well as fillers and injections — without the permanence.

Unlike lip injections, plumpers are difficult to overdo, which means the results are more natural and less inflated looking. And the no-commitment approach means that if lips look a little too intense, the product can simply be wiped away.

Lip plumpers are as easy to apply as any lip gloss or balm. Just swipe it on and let the plumping ingredients work their magic. There’s no need for lip pencils, brushes, four different lip colors and tedious blending to achieve the fuller look you desire.

The biggest benefit of lip plumpers is that there’s a formula for everyone. Some products offer a natural look, while others take lips to XXL proportions. There are clear balms that can be worn alone or with lip glosses and lipsticks. For those who prefer all-in-one products, there are plumpers that add fullness, shine and gorgeous pigment. For sensitive lips, there are options with cooling formulas as opposed to the signature tingling action.

Ready to plump it up? Check out the best lip plumpers that enhance without a needle in sight.

best lip plumpers

Image: Imaxtree

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16 Seriously Gifted Stylists to Follow for Fashion Inspo

They’re awesome at shopping. They pluck designers from obscurity and bring them into the fashion fold. They post the coolest, most obscure throwback photos. They reconstruct people’s images. Their clients leave the house looking as if they just stepped out of Vogue editorials. They’re celebrity stylists and some of the most inspiring fashion right now can be found on their Instagram pages.

Don’t deprive yourself of skillfully curated wardrobe inspo. Click through the slideshow above for 16 of the best fashion stylists to follow right now.

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The Best Vitamin C Serums for Forever-Young Skin

There are many different types of beauty serums, but if we had to pick just one to include in every skin care routine, it would be vitamin C. Vitamin C serums effectively tackle a multitude of skin issues, from aging to sun damage.

Since serums penetrate deep into the skin, they can help supercharge any beauty regimen with a high concentration of active ingredients. Jana Blankenship, founder of organic beauty line Captain Blankenship, says vitamin C serums are especially important because they help firm skin, improve texture and tone, and combat the signs of aging. Elizabeth Jones, advanced instructor for Dermalogica and the International Dermal Institute, adds that vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that brightens and protects from free radical damage.

The Secret to Maximizing Your Sun Protection: Vitamin C

Because vitamin C is so versatile, it’s suitable for use on any skin type. Vitamin C serums come in strengths from as little as 1 percent all the way up to 20 percent. Those with sensitive skin are better off starting low until they build up a tolerance, explains Dr. Eva Simmons-O’Brien, FAAD. She also points out that a serum that mixes vitamins C and E is a good option for reactive skin.

While vitamin C is definitely a hero ingredient, it can also be highly unstable and can easily deactivate before reaching your skin, states Vitabrid C¹²‘s Research Director Jinwoo Kim. In other words, it breaks down quickly and becomes less potent, so we don’t get the major results it’s capable of producing. This is why many vitamin C products are stored in dark bottles or special packaging to prevent oxidization. Furthermore, vitamin C is water soluble, which means it can be tricky for the product to penetrate through the layers of skin that are protected by a lipid layer.

All hope is not lost because the beauty industry has been working to stabilize the notoriously difficult vitamin. Now, there are a lot of fantastic vitamin C products that allow users to enjoy its full benefits. Read on for the best vitamin C serums on the market today.

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