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What’s Next in Korean Beauty

Gucci may be the hottest thing on the runway (especially those ubiquitous loafers), but in the beauty world, it’s all about Korean beauty products. Sheet masks have gone from creepy-looking things that only the most inquisitive beauty lovers tried to products that we all buy in bulk.

It’s not just our love affair with K-beauty that has moved quickly. Korean skin care moves at jet speed with innovations coming out every few weeks. One minute we are learning about sheet mask mistakes and ampoules and the next we are discovering pressed serums and exfoliating pads. It’s these innovations that keep us coming back for more.

For those who are addicted to the latest Korean beauty and want to know the newest breakthroughs, we asked the experts about the trends and products that will soon be on everyone’s radar.

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High-Fashion Fidget Spinners Are Now a Thing, Thanks to Zana Bayne

Spinning is a lifestyle, so do it in #ZanaBayne Leather #fidgetspinner

A post shared by ZANA BAYNE (@zanabayne) on May 31, 2017 at 1:35pm PDT

Welcome to the summer of the fidget spinner. With our cumulative anxiety at an all-time high, the highly ‘grammable, supposedly calming toys have quickly become the new It accessory for children of all ages.

A quick history lesson: A Florida woman named Catherine Hettinger first invented fidget spinners back in 1993. She approached Hasbro with the idea, Hasbro passed. Then, in 2005, Hettinger’s patent expired and companies — Hasbro included — began designing their own fidget spinners. However, up until recently, the whirling toys were mostly used in a therapeutic context.

Now, not only has the craze gone global, it’s infiltrated the fashion world. To wit: Zana Bayne, the brand behind Beyoncé’s favorite haute harnesses, is now selling its own studded leather version of the popular toy.

“Our atelier team loves playing with spinners, and so at first it was a thought that we should create leather spinners for them. The spinners are already an aesthetic toy with an attractive shape, so it just made sense to make it happen. After the first ones were finished, we posted an image and video on Instagram; the reaction was immediate,” designer Zana Bayne and her partner, Todd Pendu, told Vogue. “We like to think everything looks better in leather.” An elementary school fad with a BDSM aesthetic? It doesn’t get any better than that.

Zana Bayne’s “Studded Leather Fidget Spinner” is now available to shop on the brand’s e-commerce site. Customers have a choice of black or vegetable-tanned beige leather. At $75 a pop, these chic low-tech toys ring in well above your typical street-side buys, but that’s the price you pay for looking chic whilst achieving zen.

Studs and leather not your thing? Don’t worry. Something tells us Zana Bayne won’t be the only high-end brand to jump in on the fad. (Jeremy Scott, for one, has never met a pop culture craze he didn’t like.) Or, per model Alanna Arrington, match your outfit to your spinner to instantly elevate its plasticized appearance.

yellow model chick, yellow fidget spinnin’

A post shared by lana (@alannaarrington) on May 31, 2017 at 12:51am PDT

[ via Vogue ]

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Watch Benevolent Goddess Rihanna Teach Math to Kids in Malawi

Back in January, the great and good Rihanna took a trip to Malawi — one of the poorest countries in the world — as part of the Clara Lionel Foundation’s partnership with the Global Partnership for Education and Global Citizen. The three charitable organizations share a mutual goal: to ensure that the world’s poorest kids have access to a quality education.

During her trip, Harvard’s Humanitarian of the Year visited the Muzu primary school. There, Rih witnessed first-hand the numerous challenges facing the southeastern African nation’s educational system: A single teacher is often responsible for teaching up to 100 students. Many students drop out due to poverty, others have difficulty absorbing information because they haven’t been adequately fed. The school buildings are dilapidated. There’s very little infrastructure, forcing students to walk lengthy distances — and dangerous roads — to attend their classes.

All the while, a camera crew documented Rih’s trip, enabling her to share the experience with those of us back home. The resulting mini-documentary is equal parts educational and heart-wrenching. “It’s such a pity that they have to drop out, because they are so smart,” states Rihanna in the clip. “Everybody’s learning together and learning at the same pace it seems. It’s sad that has to end for some of them because they could probably do so much if they had the resources to continue and complete.” (The trifecta’s goal is to raise $3.1 billion to bring quality education to over 870 million children across 89 countries by 2020.)

That said, there are some uplifting moments, like when Rih uses music to teach the kids math. “Kids, they adopt melody really, really quickly,” explains Rih. “And so if you can use that as a learning tool, I think that’s the most brilliant, brilliant thing.”

Watch the full video below.

[ via Cosmopolitan ]

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It’s Happening: Off-White’s Virgil Abloah Is Redesigning the Iconic IKEA Blue Tote

A post shared by Mebel-ikea (@mebelikea) on May 25, 2017 at 2:00am PDT

Earlier this year, Balenciaga released a $2,145 version of the iconic IKEA Frakta tote — and the internet duly lost its mind. Now, the Swedish furniture conglomerate is embracing its couture destiny. Yes, that polypropylene giant you use to shop the store and schlep your clothes to and from the laundromat is getting a high-fashion redesign. No, Demna Gvasalia isn’t involved. Rather, Off-White founder and designer Virgil Abloh will do the honors.

Both brands took to Instagram to announce the unlikely partnership. “Some of you guessed it! @virgilabloh @off____white prototyping a fresh take on the FRAKTA bag in IKEA’s very own prototype shop in Älmhult,” began IKEA’s caption, followed by a quote from Abloh: “We’re in a moment where IKEA is transcending, and people are bringing this ‘do it yourself’ culture to the blue bag. What I’m most interested in is doing that process in partnership with the brand. It’s allowing me to put my opinion on a classic. It’s unique, and distinctly as much of Off-White as it’s IKEA.”

Off-White’s post showed the one-time architecture student constructing a (cardboard?) prototype.

ex-architecture student meets “pattern making” @ikeatoday

A post shared by Off-White™ (@off____white) on Jun 7, 2017 at 8:18am PDT

Happily, the buzzy partnership will go beyond bright blue bags. “We’re looking at that first phase of adult life, when you start making purchases for your space,” Abloh said in a statement. “Largely people grow up in their parents’ environment. They’ve never had to consider furniture. Then when they’re off on their own and have their own aesthetic, what are their first purchases? I’m interested in thinking about how those purchases are informed.”

“I love working with the best in class of any genre,” he added. “IKEA is a brand that spans generations – that stands for something. To give this collection a young approach and pay respect to that DNA is my goal.” (Here’s hoping he pays respect to the original pricing.)

Watch Abloh and Marcus Engman, IKEA’s head of design, speak more on the collaboration in the video below. (Abloh takes the stage around 12:50.)

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34 Insta-Worthy (Cheap!) Sunglasses to Rock This Summer

Raise your hand if you’ve ever lost a pair of sunglasses. That’s what we thought. Chances are that, in the midst of your summer revelry, the first thing to go will be your shades. Still, it’s necessary to have a rotation: Sunglasses shield your eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Science — or rather, Science of Us — says they make everyone appear more attractive. Plus, a cool pair of shades adds instant allure to your selfies.

Lucky for you, we’re currently living in the golden age of cheap sunglasses. (All hail the rise of so-bad-it’s-good fashion.) Now, more than ever, kitschy acetate frames and sleazy-chic, Johnny Depp-circa-Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas tinted lenses are in. Elsewhere, you’ve got sites like Nordstrom Rack and nascent labels like Bonnie Clyde selling designer-quality fare at a very reasonable (read: under $100) price point.

Yes, chic, cheap sunglasses do exist. Click through the slideshow above for proof. From Topshop’s retro-inspired cat eyes to Le Specs’ rimless, Bella Hadid-approved shades, we’ve rounded up 34 sunglasses of all sizes, shapes and colors — all costing $100 or less.

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Why You Should Drink Coffee Before Your Workout

Drinking a cup of plain ol’ black coffee before your workout will boost your athletic performance. Loads of scientific evidence says so. Many scientists, coaches and trainers further believe that, in order to fully benefit from a pre-workout cup of joe, one must coffee-fast in preparation. (Thus preventing your body from becoming habituated to the effects of caffeine.) Needless to say, coffee addicts don’t take too kindly to this assertion — among them Bruno Gualano, biking enthusiast, coffee lover and, conveniently, physiology and nutrition professor at the University of São Paulo in Brazil.

Thus, Gualano set out to prove the coffee withholders wrong. His research, which appears in the newest Journal of Applied Physiology, suggests that those who partake of the stuff daily can still get a performance buzz when needed.

To test his theory, Gualano recruited 40 competitive male cyclists to participate in a study. He divided the bikers into three groups: those with a low caffeine intake (less than one cup of coffee, tea, cola, Red Bull, etc. per day), those with a moderate intake (the equivalent of about two cups of coffee per day), and those will a relatively high intake (three cups of coffee or more per day).

Can Coffee Help Prevent Skin Cancer? ]

He then asked each group to return to the lab three times to complete three time trials. During the time trials, each cyclist rode as hard as they could until they burned 450 calories. Each task took about 30 minutes, each time the riders were asked not to eat or drink anything between the time they woke and the time they reported to the lab.

During one round, each rider took a 400-milligram caffeine pill, the equivalent of around four cups of brew, an hour before the trial. (That poor low-intake group must’ve been thinking in caps lock for days.) During another round, the riders took a placebo pill. The third time, they took nothing at all. Nearly every rider performed best after taking the caffeine pill.

When under the influence of caffeine, participants rode approximately 3.3 percent faster than their baseline performance. The placebo pill caused participants to ride about 2.2 percent faster than their baseline.

Coffee Addict? Here Are Some Things You May Want to Consider ]

Now for the kicker: Coffee enthusiasts will be happy to hear that the results were the same across categories, meaning that the cyclists who’d chugged four plus cups of coffee the day before their trial did just as well as the (shaking? sweating?) light caffeine drinkers.

This, of course, does not mean it’s necessarily good to chug four cups of brew before hitting the gym (heart palpitations are no fun). Plus, the study had several holes: It looked at the effects of caffeine on fit young men. Women and those in poor physical condition were left out of the equation. Not to be preachy, but we’d say the real takeaway here is that, if you, like Gualano, have a well-founded suspicion that a rule that ostensibly applies to you doesn’t actually apply to you, don’t hesitate to question it.

[ via The New York Times ]

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Khloé Kardashian’s Denim Brand Accused of Stealing Designs From Indie Designer

Khloé Kardashian and Emma Grede’s denim-centric clothing label Good American — beloved for its inclusive sizing, on-trend offerings and body-positive marketing campaigns — has been accused of plagiarism. On June 2, Designer Destiney Bleu of dbleudazzled (which counts Beyoncé, Ashley Graham, Serena Williams and Lady Gaga among its clients) took to Twitter to call out the reality TV star turned designer.

Bleu claims that the sheer black and flesh-tone jewel-encrusted bodysuits shown in a recent Good American promo are eerily similar to her own designs. Bleu also holds that Kardashian bought “one of everything” on her site back in December, but neither wore nor posted her purchases. (Fairly damning evidence, if it turns out to be true.)

It’s hard to deny the resemblance between the designs. At least Twitter seems to think so — many users were quick to side with Bleu. (Of course, others have accused her of attention-seeking.)

Bleu plans to pursue legal action against Kardashian despite the potential pitfalls. She went so far as to make public her timeline of events. According to Bleu, Kardashian not only took credit for Bleu’s designs, but failed to deliver the revenue-boosting publicity that would come from her wearing a dbleudazzled piece in public.

Good American denies the allegations. “Under no circumstances did Good American or Khloe Kardashian infringe on another brand’s intellectual property,” the brand told Cosmo in an exclusive statement, adding that they are “going through the proper legal channels to handle the situation.”

It’ll be interesting to see how this unfolds. Experience tells us that, in cases of intellectual property theft, there’s little that small companies can do to fight mass retailers. That said, Good American is still a fledgling (highly successful) brand, and if Bleu can prove her case, she could make a considerable dent in its credibility. Many Instagram users are already up in arms, though it’s unclear whether these are would-be Good American customers or simply Kardashian trolls.

[ via Allure ]

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Watch: Anna Faris and Rosie Perez Endure a Stressful Plane Ride in Kate Spade’s Newest Short Film

Kate Spade’s business strategies will likely shift now that the company has entered the Coach Inc. fold. However, at least for the moment, the handbag retailer appears to be sticking by its hilarious/adorable “Miss Adventure” franchise. (Phew.) The latest installment in the mini-series features comedy queens Anna Faris and Rosie Perez. The industry icons play two sister-in-laws who are — how shall we put this? — less than psyched to be traveling together.

After boarding a color-coordinated plane that would put the Victoria’s Secret jet to shame — Kate Spade did not skimp on production value — Faris and Perez deal with your typical travel-related tribulations (their companion’s presence, screaming babies, alcohol moderation, decreased circulation, inaccessible bathrooms, foreign fruit smuggling). Only Faris’ piñata-shaped carry-on is infinitely cuter than the jam-packed knapsacks we typically schlep aboard our flights.

Watch the LOL-inducing (and slightly triggering) clip above. Excited for your next plane ride?

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This Is Officially the Most Expensive Bag in the World

A post shared by CHRISTIE’S (@christiesinc) on May 29, 2017 at 3:03pm PDT

Hèrmes just broke its own record — again. On Wednesday, a 30-centimeter Birkin bag made of specially dyed crocodile skin sold for $379,261 at a Hong Kong Christie’s auction, making it the world’s most expensive handbag ever auctioned. (South China Morning Post described the 15-minute bidding war as “intense.”) The 2014 matte white Himalaya featured 18-karat white gold hardware, with hundreds of diamonds embedded in its straps.

The previous record-holder? An identical matte white Himalaya from 2008, which went for a relatively affordable $300,186. Before that, a fuchsia diamond-studded Birkin — sold for $222,000 — held the top spot.

Why, you ask, are these bags selling for the price of a modest Manhattan apartment? “The most valuable bags are the diamond pieces, and the top collector pieces are the ones from the Himalaya family,” Matt Rubinger, Christie’s international director of handbags and accessories, told WWD. “This example, with white gold detailing and 245 diamonds, combines the two. It is a Himalaya with diamond hardware, and thus the apex of the market.” Adding to the fervor, rumor has it the company is discontinuing the Himalaya style because it takes so darn long — at least 48 hours — to dye the leather. As it stands, there’s a six-year waiting list for a brand new Himalaya.

A 2016 study claimed that Hermès Birkin bags are a better investment than stocks or gold. We’d say that sounds about right.

[ via WWD ]

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Doutzen Kroes and Imaan Hammam Pose for Porter’s ‘Cliché African Safari Photo Shoot’

Ever since the premiere issue back in 2014, our forums have been huge supporters of Porter. The magazine has delivered the goods with virtually every issue, quickly becoming one of our favorites. Until now, that is. The publication powered by Net-a-Porter just unveiled its Summer Escape 2017 installment, leaving our forums rather unimpressed. Models Doutzen Kroes and Imaan Hammam pose together for Vincent van de Wijngaard on location in Kenya at the Save the Elephants operation nerve center.

Porter #21 Summer Escape 2017 : Doutzen Kroes & Imaan Hammam


“Travel on a budget? Because this looks cheap,” said forum member phungnam96 the moment the covers were revealed.

“Cheap, depressing/dull and completely unoriginal. Is there only one way to style models when in the African safari?” complained t-rex.

“Yep it’s that time of year, cliché African safari photo shoot time,” HeatherAnne replied.

“Oh God… give us a Doutzen break please! I prefer the second cover (below) but nothing outstanding. This magazine is slowly turning boring,” KissMiss stated.

Honeycombchild seemed disappointed by the two covers also, writing, “These are very sub standard for Porter. They’ve gone from nailing every single cover to missing the mark lately I feel.”

“The ladies look lovely, Doutzen reminds me of her younger years and Natalia Vodianova. But the colors are so muted and uninspiring, it sucks the life out of it. The lace is nice though,” voiced Nymphaea.

Also not impressed was Benn98: “I do think that with some cropping these images would have worked well. So that’s on Porter, not Vincent. Also the casting doesn’t quite gel well here. Imaan, who normally does no wrong, is definitely not delivering here and I’m not sure what happened. Doutzen doesn’t impress me at all, I’d rather see the majestic elephant instead of her.”

Porter #21 Summer Escape 2017 : Doutzen Kroes & Imaan Hammam


Await more from the issue and let us know what you think here.

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