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All the Must-See Looks From the 2018 Golden Globe Awards ‘Black’ Carpet

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If you’re noticing a lot of black on tonight’s Golden Globe Awards red carpet, it’s not a trend. At least not one motivated by fashion. Attendees are wearing black to show their support for the Time’s Up initiative started to bring attention to sexual harassment in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal (and the numerous scandals that followed). The movement is also raising funds to provide “subsidized legal support to those who have experienced sexual harassment, assault, or abuse in the workplace.” Several actresses are also walking the red carpet with noted women’s rights activists to make an even louder statement on the red carpet.

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Drew Barrymore Plays Dress-Up for InStyle’s February Cover Shoot

Laura Brown continues to overhaul InStyle and despite taking it in a more commercial direction, our forum members still find joy in its covers (well… most of them). After a rather lackluster Zendaya cover for January, the publication dials it up a notch with cover girl Drew Barrymore for February 2018. Photographed by Anthony Maule, Drew poses up a storm in the eye-catching newsstand cover (below) wearing sequined Céline while adorably recreating some of her childhood photographs throughout the accompanying editorial.

US InStyle February 2018 : Drew Barrymore by Anthony Maule


Our forum members loved seeing Drew play dress-up. “Drew looks fabulous here. I love her expression and the pose is fire. And I’m honestly always here for her, she’s a genuine movie star and a throwback. Plus, she’s not all over the place these days, so I’m looking forward to what she has to say,” wrote happycanadian upon seeing the cover.

“I’m into this! At least it’s not her with a goofy grin and ringlet hair as usual,” appreciated Lucien122.

Lola701 was also a fan. “I love it so much! I love her, I love the attitude and I love that she is wearing something from one of my favorite collections of Spring 2018. I hate to use this word but this is fierce!”

“I’m actually very fond of this cover (love the color combination, Drew’s pose, how she’s styled and the slight movement). I find the whole concept of Drew’s cover story quite charming and I thoroughly enjoyed looking through the photos. A thumbs up from me!” voiced vogue28.

Per usual, not everyone liked the art direction. “I like the image, she’s looking fierce! But the layout is horrible,” kokobombon posted.

“A gorgeous photo ruined by a horrible layout. I wonder how much they’re paying for this terrible art direction,” wondered MON.

US InStyle February 2018 : Drew Barrymore by Anthony Maule


See Drew’s cover story in full and join the conversation here.

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10 Street Style Ways to Extend the Life of Your Party Pieces

With holiday party season behind us (and a few months until wedding season starts up again), there’s a whole segment of our wardrobes that sits all but idle in our closets, potentially for months. It hardly seems fair: the most fun and festive items only come out to play for a limited number of occasions. Shouldn’t the pieces that put us in the best moods — and make the most lasting impression — get more time in the spotlight? Of course they should. And now is as good a time as any.

Rather than wait for an invitation to bust out our reception-ready best, it’s high time to start letting our special faves see the light of day. So how exactly does one bring pieces like sequin frocks, embellished heels, metallic pants and sheer skirts into the regular rotation? First, study how the experts do it. While jet-setting to fashion shows and events may not be part of everyone’s usual itinerary, there is plenty of IRL outfit inspiration to be had from the street style set that includes getting more mileage out of party pieces. Hint: It’s all about layering.

Ready to get this year off to a celebratory start? Click through for 10 ways to wear those special occasion styles long after the party is over.

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Sasha Pivovarova Shows Off Her Artistic Talents in Christian Dior’s Spring 2018 Campaign

Maria Grazia Chiuri hasn’t been able to catch a break when it comes to Christian Dior’s ad campaigns. Her debut Spring 2017 campaign looked more suited to the high street and the Fall 2017 images that followed failed to excite (even the Jennifer Lawrence ads were off the mark). Yet change seems to be in the air as Dior unveils its campaign for Spring 2018, ditching the multi-girl casting and allowing veteran model Sasha Pivovarova to steal the show. Also out is photographer Brigitte Lacombe in favor of Patrick Demarchelier who captures Sasha on the studio floor, showcasing her various works of art and proving less is always more.

Christian Dior S/S 2018 : Sasha Pivovarova by Patrick Demarchelier


But is it? The campaign left our forum members divided. “Sasha! What a treat. The shot is OK but I’m so excited to see her and I love that they included her painting, she’s very talented,” posted forum member LastNight upon checking out the campaign.

“I will always be happy to see the wonderful Sasha, a true star who can even make these clothes look decent,” added [Piece Of Me].

“Yeah, that’s how Dior rolls these days, the best thing in this campaign is Sasha. Period!” wrote elle_gb.

Not everyone was feeling it. “This is surely an improvement from the other seasons, as at least it has a sort of concept behind it, but what makes the image interesting is Sasha and her art, not the clothes, which still look like something I could easily find in any Zara store,” pointed out apple.

“This looks even cheaper than Zara,” added fluxxx.

TaylorBinque slammed, “How dare you have Sasha and yet you come out with the most uninspired boring fashion image. If you want to make a feminist statement then go for it. Go big. This is way too cliche and right on the note for a house a prestigious as Dior.”

Christian Dior S/S 2018 : Sasha Pivovarova by Patrick Demarchelier


Care to see more? Check out the campaign in full and express your thoughts with here.

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Bella Hadid Returns to Max Mara for the New Spring 2018 Accessories Campaign

Bella Hadid must be shifting a whole lot of product for Max Mara since the brand has invited her back to front the latest accessories campaign. Bella had a remarkable 2017, with more magazine covers than any other model (or actress) and multiple ad campaigns for major fashion brands — and it seems 2018 is looking just as bright. Bella proves every inch her worth in the new Max Mara images, shot in the studio by Steven Meisel and styled by Carine Roitfeld, sporting a dewy makeup look and a wet hairstyle throughout.

Max Mara Accessories S/S 2018 : Bella Hadid by Steven Meisel


Despite the team’s best efforts on set, our forum members weren’t too impressed with the outcome. “I guess Meisel really loves the Hadid sisters. I can’t help but think how amazing Grace Elizabeth would have looked in this. I like Bella, but she’s just not the type of girl for these ‘vintage/classy’ kind of shoots,” wrote guimon.

“She doesn’t look her best here. It’s like if she has seen a ghost!” Lola701 said.

“Wonder when the Hadid hype will end. They have no life in their face,” slammed thatsfierce.

Anlabe32 agreed, writing, “Here face is/looks frozen. It could have been much better with a model with some charisma.”

“This girl has NO FREAKIN´ RANGE! No emotion, no skill, nothing NADA. Gosh, I’m so annoyed to see her lifeless face in ad campaigns or covers because she brings NOTHING to the jobs she’s booked on, and yet again she does hundreds of jobs where REAL models could bring way wayyyyyy more charisma,” complained Bertrando3.

Benn98 felt the same way. “This is just so unappealing! Model, styling, photography. But I must add that a different model may have lifted this. I used to think Bella is a better model than Kendall and Gigi, but based on this campaign, I now doubt it. Her magazine work for lesser photographers is more exciting.”

Max Mara Accessories S/S 2018 : Bella Hadid by Steven Meisel


Wait and see what the rest of the campaign brings and join the conversation here.

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12 Beauty Resolutions You Should Make for 2018

skincare-resolutions-isola marras-spring-2015-beauty-look

Image: Imaxtree

It’s a new year, which means the majority of us are making New Year’s resolutions and setting goals to improve ourselves. Many lists include hitting the gym more and eating lots of leafy greens, but there’s more to New Year’s resolutions than being healthier. Now is also the time to make some beauty resolutions.

Even if you’re the biggest makeup hoarder and skin care connoisseur, it’s always good to take a look at your routine and see if there are any areas that need improvement. Chances are, there are a few. The good news is that you probably won’t need to make any drastic life changes (unlike your goal of running that marathon next month). What’s more, you’re probably more likely to stick with your beauty resolutions because if you love beauty, adhering to them won’t really seem like a chore.

Here are 12 beauty resolutions you should add to your 2018 list.

Take Your Makeup Off Every Night

Removing your makeup basically requires as much effort as putting on your pajamas, but it’s much more important. No matter how tired you are, resolve to properly cleanse your face before you go to sleep every single night (no cheating!). If using a cleanser and water takes too much effort, opt for a time-saving cleansing wipe instead. Your skin will thank you.

Focus on Application as Much as Product Choices

You spend ages looking at reviews and scoping out the best beauty products, but when it comes time to use your five-star products, do you basically just slap them on? The way you apply your products is crucial to their efficacy. Ensure that you’re applying your skin care products in the correct order and that you’re letting each one absorb properly into your skin before applying the next one. Don’t rush.

Wear Sunscreen Every Single Day

If you’re going to have only one beauty resolution this year, it should be to wear sunscreen every day. Regularly wearing sunscreen protects your skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays and the premature signs of aging. Commit to applying sunscreen 365 days a year, including the winter months. Not wearing sunscreen because you don’t like the formula isn’t an excuse: these top-rated sunscreens aren’t greasy or chalky.

Don’t Forget About Your Body

We’re often so focused on our faces that we tend to neglect the skin on our bodies. You may think that soaping up with your body wash and loofah is sufficient, but that probably isn’t enough. Try to show your body the same love as your face by using body scrubs regularly and remember to moisturize.

Get Familiar With Your Skin

After living in your skin for so many years, you may think that you know it inside and out, but do you really? Do you know what your undertone is? Do you know whether your skin is oily, dry or a combination of the two? You may think that you do, but it’s worth consulting an expert, like a makeup artist or dermatologist, to figure out things for sure. That way you’ll be able to choose products that are better suited to your needs.

Make Moisturizer an Essential Part of Your Regimen

Moisturizer is as important to your skin care regimen as your cleanser. It doesn’t matter whether you have sensitive, dry or oily skin, you need to apply moisturizer regularly. You even need it in the summer months. If you don’t like using moisturizer because you find it greasy, there are lots of lightweight formulas that won’t clog your pores to choose from.

Exfoliate Regularly

As great as your moisturizer is, it cannot do all of the work. You need something that will remove those dead skin cells that build up. That’s where exfoliating comes in. You can choose whatever tools or products you like, the important thing is that you make exfoliation a regular part of your routine as opposed to something you do every couple months when you remember.

Quit Picking Your Face

This is one of the harder ones to quit, but doing it will majorly benefit your complexion. No matter how tempting it is, make it your goal to stop picking your face. That includes squeezing pimples, removing blackheads and scratching scabs. Remind yourself that messing with your face just creates additional problems, including more breakouts and even scarring.

Store Your Products Properly

Finding a good spot to store your beauty products is about more than organization or decorating. It’s also about maintaining the products themselves. FYI: Storing your products in an Instagram-worthy spot often isn’t the optimal place for them. Many cosmetics can deteriorate if they’re exposed to light, humidity or extreme temperatures, so choose a location that will help preserve them and keep you organized.

Toss Expired Beauty Products

If you’re decluttering your wardrobe for the new year, make it a priority to go through your bathroom vanity too. Toss out any expired beauty products (check out this guide to cosmetic expiration dates). If you don’t remember when you bought it, toss it. Same goes if it has a funky smell or has changed color. It doesn’t matter how expensive it was, throw it in the trash.

Stop Constantly Switching Products

It’s great you want to try the latest beauty launches, but don’t do it to the point where it negatively impacts your skin. Results are never instantaneous. You might need to wait six weeks or more to notice any changes in your skin, so resolve to give new products time to work before moving on. The only exception is if you try something and it gives you an allergic or cosmetic reaction.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

You may already have this resolution on your list, but it’s important from a beauty perspective too. Getting a full night of sleep doesn’t just prevent raccoon eyes, it is also the time when your skin regenerates. If you want to further improve your skin while you catch some zzzs, you can try an overnight beauty product.

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24 Diversity Strides the Fashion and Beauty Industries Made in 2017

Here’s some good news to start your 2018: Diversity and inclusivity seem to be on the rise — at least in the fashion and beauty realms. In 2017, British Vogue announced its first black editor-in-chief. The 2018 Pirelli Calendar got an all-black cast (as did Gucci’s Pre-Fall 2017 campaign). ELLE made the (long-overdue) announcement that a plus-size model would be gracing its cover and curve model Paloma Elsesser posed in red lipstick and streetwear for Fenty Beauty, then naked for Glossier. Allure broke up with the term “anti-aging” and 69-year-old Maye Musk scored a CoverGirl contract. Transgender actress Hari Nef fronted massive campaigns for L’Oréal Paris and Gucci and trans model Valentina Sampaio landed her first (three) Vogue cover(s). The Spring 2018 runways were the most inclusive ever. All this to say, plenty of diversity strides were made.

Not that there weren’t setbacks. Vogue defined “gender fluidity” as “borrowing from your boyfriend’s closet” rather than “identifying outside of the binary of male or female.” Vivienne Westwood sent cornrows down her Spring 2018 runway. Victoria’s Secret hired not one plus-size model. Diversity on magazine covers barely edged forward. And when it came to plus-size and transgender castings (on the runways, on magazine covers, in ad campaigns), tokenism ran rampant.

All in all, we’ve got a long way to go. Still, in the spirit of the New Year, let’s focus on the positive, shall we? Click through the gallery above to read up on 24 times the fashion and beauty industries embraced diversity and inclusivity in 2017. May 2018 see even greater strides.

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10 Played-Out Fashion Trends That Aren’t Invited to 2018

These days, trends rise and fall faster than ever. (Instagram, influencer marketing and Zara have seen to that.) Not that that’s a bad thing. They’re trends. Like iPhones, obsolescence is in their DNA. Each one comes with an expiration (and, in many cases, a renewal) date built into the package.

Every year, certain pieces (Gucci sweatshirts, Bernie-Sanders-referencing Balenciaga scarves) rise to stardom, infiltrating our closets and feeds. And then we tire of them, ship ’em off to consignment stores and survey the runways for new, soon-to-be must-have items to spend our hard-earned dollars on. And the beat goes on.

Of course, it’s important to remember that trends are simply patterns, It pieces come and go and, at the end of the day, fashion is all about cultivating an enduring sense of personal style — screw what other people are wearing.

To help guide you on your closet curation journey, we’ve compiled a list of 10 fashion trends that everyone wore — to death — in 2017. We implore you: let them go peacefully. (Or don’t. Again, feeling good about the way you look in a certain item/style is a good enough reason to wear it year in and year out. Who are we to judge?)

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12 Un-Boring Ways to Wear Sweaters

Images: Imaxtree

We’re well into sweater weather season and, while everyone loves a cozy knit, it’s all too easy to fall into a style slump before the new year even arrives. Sure, pairing your pullover with jeans is a no-brainer, but that can get old — and fast. So naturally, we’re turning to the street style crowd for sweater outfit ideas that go well beyond the basic.

A favorite trick of the It girl set is, of course, going monochromatic. Pairing a like-hued knit and textured trouser leads to an instantly impactful look that’s still weather-appropriate (bonus points if you rock it in of-the-moment MVP red). Mixing prints is another beloved hack in the street style arsenal. Opting for skirts and pants in contrasting patterns just kicks any novelty sweater up a notch and makes for, well, a look rather than just an outfit.

Sweaters are proving to be the layering piece of choice with the insider set styling them in every possible way, including under suits, tucked into every type of skirt, belted and draped over cropped pants for interesting proportion play. No longer the lazy way out of winter dressing, the knit has become an integral styling piece, not just there to simply keep you warm and comfy. The cold weather season just got decidedly un-boring.

To get your wardrobe wheels turning and spark some inspiration for sweater outfits, here are 12 ways to nail the knit game like a style star.

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The New Gucci Campaign Is Everything Fashion Dreams Are Made Of

Leave it up to Alessandro Michele to push the boundaries (once again) as Gucci unveils its spectacular new advertising campaign for Spring 2018. Making a disappearing act is photographer Glen Luchford who has captured Michele’s flamboyant aesthetic since day one, as the work of surreal Spanish artist and illustrator Ignasi Monreal takes center stage this season. Monreal produced Gucci’s ‘Gift Giving’ campaign and now cements his relationship with the legendary Italian fashion house with yet another campaign. Titled Utopian Fantasy, the images are based on some of the most iconic fairytales and feature multiple hidden references.

Gucci S/S 2018 by Ignasi Monreal


Members of our forums were in awe. “I’m going to miss Luchford but I have to say that I love the concept of illustrating the campaign,” wrote kokobombon instantly.

“I won’t lie, this is gorgeous,” admitted dodencebt.

“Never thought I’d say this but I’m absolutely loving this. They keep nailing these campaigns,” noted Vitmaine W.

In agreement over how terrific the campaign turned out was anlabe32: “OMG I LOVE IT! Feels like I’m looking at Hieronymus Bosch art, awesome.”

Benn98 couldn’t sing Michele’s praises loud enough, writing, “He did it again, a campaign accompaniment to an equally ornate collection. Alessandro Michele is a genius and single-handedly rejuvenated my interest in Italian fashion. I don’t want to get too cozy without Luchford, but this is spectacular!”

“I love this. Perfect for the new Gucci. They keep on delivering with the creativity of the campaigns,” echoed apple.

“Wow. Love it. I was disappointed when I didn’t see Luchford involved with this campaign, but wow! wow! wow! I’m pleasantly surprised by how beautiful and well executed this campaign turned out! Gucci does it again,” heralded fashionlover2001.

Gucci S/S 2018 by Ignasi Monreal


Gucci S/S 2018 by Ignasi Monreal


See more from Gucci’s spectacular Spring 2018 ad campaign and join the standing ovation here.

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