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Our new Xlerator Hand Dryer Resource Page

We have been so busy lately.  One of our goals is to make our online shopping experience quick and easy.  We have started to design all of our pages with our shoppers first in mind.  Our XLERATOR® hand dryer home page has been redesigned to visually display the eco vs.

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Sloan Price Increase Coming…

Just a notice to all of our loyal customers:  Sloan is increasing pricing and by early Feb, 2017 we will publish our new pricing shortly.  Please take advantage of our current pricing and save before Feb.  As always, call us for a quote at 888-503-7937 or buy Sloan online!
Also, thank

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UV Light Hand Dryers

Some of our customers at ProDryers have asked for UV light hand dryers or have at least searched our website for UV light hand dryers.  So there is not necessarily bad news and very good news.  First of all, UV light has not been introduced to hand dryers as of date (10/15/2015),

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